All In Solutions truly believes that because addiction is such an all-encompassing and individualized disease, each client must be treated on a comprehensive and highly personal basis. The disease of addiction ravages the mind, body, and soul in a thorough and entirely unforgiving way. Because of the vast destruction that addiction causes, the recovery process is both multi-faceted and extensive. We firmly believe in the careful recuperation of the mind, body, and soul through a combination of intensive therapy and progressive holistic methods of addiction treatment. One of our main priorities at All In Solutions is uncovering and addressing all underlying causes of addiction.


In many instances, those suffering from severe substance dependency issues will be simultaneously battling a concurrent psychological or emotional disorder. For this reason, we have acquired a team of clinical specialists with extensive experience in dual diagnosis treatment. From therapists specializing in trauma and PTSD to a nutritional coach with experience treating eating disorders, we are confident that no matter what underlying issues an individual is afflicted with, our program will be able to offer adequate assistance. If a client is found to suffer from a co-occurring mental disorder, we will set him or her up with an on-site psychiatrist. Our program of addiction recovery is as all-inclusive as the disease of addiction is wholly devastating.


We believe that inpatient addiction treatment is truly only the first step on the lifelong journey of addiction recovery. We have developed a unique and proven continuum of care, designed to slowly ease individuals back into independent, drug-free living. By focusing heavily on providing a safe and consistent living environment and long-term therapeutic care, All In Solutions works to set a solid and lasting foundation of recovery in each unique and individual client.

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