We sincerely believe that recovery from addiction and alcoholism is a lifelong journey, and that treatment is only the very beginning step. Because of this, we have developed a comprehensive alumni program, which has proven to be an ideal way for our clients to stay involved even after graduating from our treatment program. Based on personal experience and extensive research, we have found that clients tend to face the most stress soon after treatment ends. It is crucial that during this vulnerable period of early sobriety, men and women have continuous support and guidance available to them.



Our alumni program was developed based on the need for uninterrupted care, and includes the following services:


  • Recovery-related activities in the area
  • Exposure to recovery-related activities throughout Southern Florida
  • Alumni support groups
  • Optional continuation of one-on-one therapy
  • Ongoing mentoring through our program of recovery
  • Assistance and guidance in career building or educational programs
  • Relapse prevention groups
  • Alumni-exclusive meetings


Our program of recovery relies very heavily on the concept of interdependence – we encourage those who have experienced the benefits of recovery to return regularly, and give back to those who are new to the beautiful journey of lifelong sobriety.



Our alumni program has quickly become one of the most reputable and recognized in the nation. Clients find that involvement in our alumni program helps them learn to have fun in recovery while keeping them closely connected to a solid group of sober supports. Of course, our program also allows clients to be monitored in what can be a tumultuous period for some – and provides intervention if ever necessary.


The majority of our alumni are asked to come back and speak at the in-house meetings that our regularly held at our facility, sharing their experience, strength, and hope with those who are new to the program. These meetings are also welcome to the parents of our clients, and to any other family members that may be curious or interested in showing support.

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