Addiction is a family disease.  The devastation caused by addiction touches everyone who is involved, and wreaks havoc within family relationships.

Our Family Program is designed to assist clients and their families rebuild and enhance familial relationships that have been damaged by addiction.  We involve the family early on in the clinical process to work on educating family members on addiction, setting healthy and appropriate boundaries, and rebuilding the trust that has been broken.


– Addiction and relapse education
– Learning how to rebuild and preserve relationships
– Supporting an addict’s recovery without enabling
– Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries
– Tools for effective and advantageous parenting
– Healthy communication skills

It has been proven time and time again that the more involved a family is in their loved one’s recovery process, the more successful the individual is in maintaining long-term sobriety. However, being involved does not mean merely participating in required family therapy sessions and receiving weekly progress updates. We believe that, to help ensure a loved one’s sobriety, family members must heal alongside the addict – separately.


One of the most valuable resources available to the loved ones of addicts is Al-Anon, a 12-step program that focuses on setting healthy boundaries and rebuilding interpersonal relationships with addicted friends and family members. We strongly encourage those who are struggling with the widespread repercussions of chemical dependency to seek out local Al-Anon meetings and to attend regularly.


Our Alumni Program is designed to provide ongoing support services to clients who have successfully completed any of our treatment programs. We recognize the importance of continuous and uninterrupted support, especially in early recovery, and the sustaining power of interdependence.  We host and sponsor recovery-related meetings and activities, and encourage regular check-ins.


– Regular Check-In’s
– On-going Mentoring
– Relapse Prevention Support
– Optional One on One Sessions
– Alumni Support Groups
– Recovery Related Activities
– Alumni Exclusive Meetings

We always encourage alumni who have experienced the benefits of recovery to return regularly, and give back to those who are new to the beautiful journey of lifelong sobriety.



Supporting our families and alumni is crucial to their long term success so we’ve established online communities to keep you connected.