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Addiction is a profoundly destructive disease that ravages mind, body and soul.  It also manifests differently for each person. Our clinical programs provide clients with highly personalized treatment plans tailored to who they are, what they have been through, and where they envision themselves in the future, utilizing evidence-based, proven and progressive holistic approaches to comprehensive recovery.


We treat the whole person, not just their addiction. We believe that addiction is very often rooted in other mental, emotional, relational, and social issues.  For treatment to be effective, all underlying causes of addiction must be uncovered and resolved. We aim to equip clients with the tools and life skills they need to make a successful transition back into “real life.”   Restoring an individual’s ability to function with a high level of independence within the community is essential for their success.  Emphasis is placed on empowerment, recovery, and individual choice. We help empower each individual to make better choices to free themselves from the grips of addiction.


Recovery means more than maintaining abstinence. It involves learning to work productively, develop personal relationships, strengthen family ties, and participate actively with others in the attainment of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth.  It involves learning to live and enjoy life as a sober and productive member of the community.

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