Our team is comprised of credentialed and dedicated individuals who have first-hand experience dealing with the pain and devastation of substance use disorder. We understand the addict, the family of the addict, and the disease of addiction – because we have lived it. Our goal is to help those who feel trapped to find hope, begin to heal, and to create a productive and healthy life.

Our Leadership

Casey Lidlow CEO All In Solutions Counseling Outpatient Rehab Cherry Hill New Jersey

Casey Lidlow, B.S

chief executive officer
Wendi Rabucha - Executive Director

Wendi Rabucha, L.C.S.W

executive director

Allen Masry, M.D.

medical director

Jaime Fetting, L.M.H.C., M.C.A.P.

medical records compliance

Janet Kasper, C.B.H.C.M., F.A.A.C.

EMR compliance

Lisa Carriegos

quality improvement
Natasha-Arenas-Director-of-Financial-Control All In Solutions Counseling Rehabilitation Boynton Beach FL-min

Natasha Arenas, M.B.A.

director of financial control

Lisa Franco, B.A.

director of financial control
Nick Jarvis Admissions Director All In Solutions Counseling Boynton Beach Florida-min

Nicolas Jarvis

director of admissions
Michelle Giovannoni All In Solutions Counseling Best Outpatient Boynton Beach FL-min

Michelle Giovannoni, B.S.

UR coordinator and billing manager
Heather-Major All In Solutions Counseling Premier Outpatient Rehab in Boynton Beach FL

Heather Major, B.S.

HR manager
George Reynolds

George Reynolds, A.S.

director of client operations
Stacy new

Stacy Casillas, C.P.C.T.

direcrtor of client services
Nicole Ouzounian - Clinical Program Manager

Nicole Ouzounian, M.C.A.P., Ph.D.

clinical program manager

Our Clinicians & Client Development Team

Daniel Cornide - Primary Therapist - Faith Based

Daniel Cornide, C.A.P.

primary therapist
danielle new

Danielle Kaplan, R.C.S.W.I.

primary therapist
Mary Kate 3

MaryKate Young, M.A.

primary therapist
albert new

Albert Zingariello, L.C.S.W.

primary therapist
Anton Pustaver - Primary Therapist

Anton Pustaver, L.M.H.C.

primary therapist
toni new

Toni Reiger, R.M.H.C.I.

primary therapist
natashah k

Natashah Khan, R.M.H.C.I.

family program coordinator

Rebecca Fornaro, L.S.W.

trauma therapist
Lina Pepper

Lina Pepper, R.R.T.

trauma therapist

Our Marketing & Outreach Department


Jack Donahue

regional director of outreach

Joseph Cameron, B.S.

director of business development

Jordan Weiss

alumni relations manager

Jessica Knowles, C.A.D.C.

director of clinical outreach

Bret Imboden, N.C.I.P.

outreach coordinator

Melissa Blackman

aftercare & case management coordinator

Lauren Clark

aftercare & case management coordinator
Christopher Rodriguez - Aftercare & Case Manager

Christopher Rodriguez

aftercare & case management coordinator

Jessica Berry

aftercare & case management coordinator

Alexa Garvey

aftercare & case management coordinator

Alexander Knauer

office manager

Bernie Fallon, E.M.T.

medical services coordinator
Steve Monk - AIM - Medical Coordinator

Steve Monk

neurofeedback services

Timothy Miller

medical services

Deanna Smith

alumni coordinator
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